Posted on Mar 9, 2019

ZT IT Solutions


1. Camera
We use your device’s camera flashlight and require camera permission. ZT IT Solutions Inc will not take photos and videos by itself and pass it on too any third party.

2. Storage
The app requests permission to access the phone’s storage only in order to store the recorded calls and play the recorded files afterwards. The app does not access any other files nor excess user’s photos.

3. Messages (SMS or MMS)
We do not save or upload your messages. We use this permission to read your text messages when you search messages in search bar or announce the sender name while some one send you a message.

4. Read phone status and identity
This permission allows ZT IT Solutions Inc to recognize an incoming call and to switch between the User System interfaces and call interface.

5.Location (network-based)
This permission is used to display apps installed by anonymous surrounding users and to recommend popular apps based on users’ location in ZT IT Solutions Inc Radar. This information is untraceable.

6. Contacts
The app accesses the contacts on the phone in order to display the contacts that were recorded and so the app can record or ignore calls from specific contacts. The contacts information is NOT transmitted nor stored on any server.

7. Accounts on the devices
ZT IT Solutions Inc does not recognize or save your account information for any programs. we only detects whether users have a Google account linked with the d
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